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Basic Salary : £85,000 pa.

HQ Based role: South.

The Director of Marketing will be responsible, accountable and have decision making autonomy to manage the marketing team, provide expert guidance on the utilisation of the marketing budget and will be the first point of contact for all media.

Core Responsibilities:

A member of the senior management team, the Director of Marketing will:

  • Plan and execute a marketing strategy for the  BRAND

  • Oversee the implementation of the marketing strategy

  • Develop a brand strategy

  • Set and administer an annual marketing budget

  • Create and manage a calendar of events such as webinars, conferences and thought leadership contributions

  • Guide the day-to-day activities of the marketing team

  • Continually review changes to the market, consumer trends and the activities of competitors, adjusting the marketing plan if necessary

  • Identify new business opportunities

  • Provide tools and materials to enable the Franchise Recruitment team to function effectively

  • Manage and refine the organisation’s social media presence

  • Manage and measure marketing campaign costs

  • Report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using pre-determined KPIs

  • Conduct market research studies

  • Negotiate with media agencies and secure agreements on the production of promotional materials